This wonderful Elephant Folio

This wonderful Elephant Folio

According to
Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser

This wonderful elephant folio featuring Terrance Lindall’s remarkable illustrations for Paradise Lost along with his splendid synopsis of Milton’s great epic is now in my personal Milton collection at home and will one day become a centerpiece in my Milton collection bearing my name at the University of South Carolina. There is will also be unique unto itself, since it only one of two such folio editions Lindall did, providing marvelous historiated, initial letters, and additional illustrations all by hand and in 24 k gold, with one copy being in the Yuko Nii collection at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center in Brooklyn, NY, and the other being my copy; each is very different from the other and of course I am prone to say that mine is especially compelling, truly genius in the illustrations and the illumination of the folio. I know that as well as being a centerpiece to my Milton collection, it will also serve as one of the major illustrated ‘editions’ of Paradise Lost through the ages, ranking with the 1688 first illustrated edition, Blake, Martin, and DorĂ©, as well as at the head of a growing collection of contemporary artists illustrating Paradise Lost which I have been fortunate to collect in a very special way of late through the support and efforts of my close friend Terrance Lindall and other new artists friends like Bienvenido Bones Banez, several pieces of whose art adorn my Milton collection, and Robert Beal, whose unique art also stands at the center of my growing collection of contemporary artists who have illustrated Milton’s great epic.

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