THE LIFE DEATH AND APOTHEOSIS OF ADAM AND EVE, (preliminary drawing for the mural) – Creation by: Master Terrance Lindall


From Master Terrance Lindall: This allows me to do things I have not done as of yet. Wickenheiser is teaching in The School of Inspirational Passion. One of his students is Steve Fallon{ Stephen Fallon), arguably the foremost Milton scholar of our time. Fallon studied under Wickenheiser. On the right is Bienvenido Bones Banez admiring Satan for “…giving color to the world.” My Celestial orbit is still the major philosophical interpreation of the poem, but this is a mural that expresses the poetic passion.


This is the most complex drawing I have done. Because it is the basis for the mural, which will be more complex. More major figures: Archangel Michael, Milton dictating, visionary foal. Lots of new animals, fox, rabbit, snail, frog, turtle. rat, bat, cockroach, butterffy etc.. There s a “visual logic” to the composition too. if one analyzes it. Again, the Circular Orbit is intellectually more profound. But this will be as compositionally complex. You can see the biblical trials of early humanity on the road leading from Adam & Eve expulsion: Cain killing Abel, The flood, Slavery by Egyptians, Mary with baby Jesus, Christ Tempted in the desert, the Cruxifiction. across the way under Satan’s fall is war on earth, the Armageddon, with an airplane dropping bombs, people fleeing, an Israeli tank rolling over people on the road from the American flag to Jerusalem. I have to develop the Apotheosis, but Adam and Eve will receive laurel wreaths from an archangel while God beams welcome. It is the archetypal mythical history of mankind from creation down to the end of time (for humanity).


The result of both the story, really the greatest story ever told put into the greatest poem ever written in the English language, inspires artists and composers. There is Bienvenido pointing at Satan as his inspiration, Bien is the greatest illustrator and interpreter of Satan of all time. I sit behind Bien painting Adam and Eve. There is Amanda Husberg singing and Peter Dizozza playing an an unknown violinist. And, of curse blind Milton dictating to his daughter.