Ultimate Grandeur Illusion in 666 Art World Domain!

The Revelation spells out the triumphant end of matters in 666 Art World…

It should rouse us to action, so that we may announce in the marvelous future in prophecy of 666 revelation art world. In order that we may have individual-mind the paramount issue that now faces all mankind, as well as Satan’s clearly stated purpose to reveal this 666 worldly desire.

A serpent had just been used to deceive the first woman, Eve; she in turn had persuaded her husband, Adam, to join her in violating Gods'(YHWH) law by eating from ” the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.(Gen.2:17; 3:1-6) And God expelled our first parents from Eden, No longer could they look forward to everlasting life in Paradise; they would have to live out their lives in the unprepared earth outside, the serpent that had lied to Eve, suggesting to her that she would not die for her disobedience but that she would become independent creator as a goddess, Diva, Superstar, Miss Universe and famous Mother’s Goddess in this 666 Surrealism World!

The great success of Satan and great inspiration to making himself a god his being called a Cherub! in Eden the garden of God, The Satan the Devil, who became puffed up with pride like a Rock Star! as a Superstar in this 666 Art World! is linked to the Serpent in Eden. And called ”the god of the system of 666 Art World Domain! and Satan is ”Perfect in Prettiness” was himself  ”Full of Wisdom and Perfect and Beauty” and Faultless in his ways from his creation onward until

unrighteousness was found in him!(Ezekiel 28:2,12-17) That’s why in the EYE of the Worldly Desire in wisdom and the Nations and Intelligence! Satan was a good example & inspiration in the 666 Art World Domain! And some people of the World borrowed or influence his life-style geniuses(666Wisdom) and his experienced in a perfect craft in his own ways to opposed God’s law! Because Satan wanted us to be ”Independent Creator” as an Artists: Visionary, Surrealists, Abstractionist & etc./ Scientist:specialists in Evolution (Atheis & Agnostic), nuclear & atomic bomb,/ Universal-Religions-Apostasy/ 666-Genius:Nation and Intelligence,/ King Nebuchadnezzar, Pharaoh, Darius the Great, Alexander the Great, General Julius Caesar,Adolf Hitler,/ Nationalism, Patriotic, Monarchy,Dynasty,Democracy,Communism, today-World Politics:United Nation/and Global Institution,Global Monopoly-Business from the deep things of Satan! then they are opposition in Almighty God Jehovah(YHWH=

Some of them to be a gods, goddess, military geniuses, political geniuses, master in business, and warlock in this World  of  Paradise Lost! as a part of 666 Art World! And Satan the Devil, the chief Adversary of God, he want the people of the world follow his footstep to became a independent from God! This rebel enticed the First Woman, Eve to eat the forbidden fruit… Satan said: ”You positively will not die, for God know that in the very day of your eating from it your eyes are bound to be opened and you are bound to be like God! knowing good & bad.'{take note she like instant ”goddess” or ”Surreal way”}'(Gen.3:4,5). These first couple(Surrealists: Pure Psychic Automatism), Adam & Eve joined in Satan in his rebellion and revolution, and they Lost Paradise for themselves and for their descendants. The Rebillious angel came to be called Satan the Devil.

And the God sent him (Adam) out of the ”Paradise of Pleasure”, to till the earth from which he was taken, and these was started a ”Paradise Lost” And this Adam was a progenitors of 666-DNA as a Symbolized of the succession of Seven World’s Power{1.Egypt, 2.Assyria, 3.Babylon, 4.Medo-Persia, 5.Greece, 6.Rome 7.Anglo-American} and the Scarlet-colored Wild Beast {United Nation} ”is also itself an Eighth king.” and his Wife{Eve} was a symbolize the Mother’s of the 666-World Religions… these couple Adam & Eve was the greatests influence in our modern ”Time” in the 666 Art World Domain! and Think! about this: without Satan’s intervention! maybe there’s no activities in this 666 Art World Colors! like: Hollywood & Bollywood superstar, World Sports/Olympic , porn stars, Adonis star for Gay & Lebian (Same-sex marriage), legalized prostitute, RH Bill- legalize abortion, World Music Hall of Fame :heavy metal, black metal, blues rock,Visionary & Surrealists-famous artists, Poet, Literature, Ethnic Arts , & Art Auction{ 666-Art-World},/ Hi-tech:wizards in computers, Heroes in every nation,/  Priest, Nuns, Pope, Reverend, Shaman, Master, Psychic: Healer, sorcerer, Vodoo Priest, father, mother’s of gods,  kings & queens, Fraternity: Skull & Bones, Freemasons, illuminati/ senators, congress, president of the worlds,/ United Nation, 666 Intellectual Inspired from Philosophers {Greek-Pagan Philosophy), ”100-Influential People In the World 666” /Mega- World military and organizational geniuses carved out huge empires for their own enrichment 666 art world into glory from ”the Deep Things of Satan!”. And these are the Revelation of modern times as a part of ”Paradise Lost!!!” then we live in the presence time and our Era of Great Tribulation into revelation to Surrealmageddon!(Rev.12:9 /Mat.4:8,9 / Mark3:22 / Eph.6:12 / 2Cor.4:4/ 1 John2:15-16/ James4:4)

And we lost everything in this world of sucking colours and swallowing every innocent soul! With our leaders 666 its a human’s number in nature-curse as a part of Human Imperfection! That’s the system! and that’s how powerfull! its a Satanic Vision and the Devilish machine! The Original World Famous! Surrealists Satan the Devil- greatest artists of them all in this 666 Art World Domain! He is the original of PARADISE LOST!!! and these are the world inspiration in World Gigantic Politics!, World False Religions, & Mammoth global business! Then the International Artists, Scientists,& Philosopher the revealer of Enlightenment within 666 Art World Domain into Surrealmageddon!!!

And Welcome Bones 666 Art World and Colorful Sinner Domain!!!

{And take note:In passing judgment on the sinful couple, God said to the serpent(Satan): ”I shall put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed(666ArtWorld) and her seed(God’s spiritual organization in heaven). He will bruise you in the head{When Satan is hurled into lake of fire, he will become as dead as a snake the head of which has been ground under an iron heel} and you will bruise him in the heel{the Messiah Jesus Christ,who would serve as the sacrificial Lamb of God}.” (Genesis 3:1-6,14,15) That prophecy sets the theme for the whole Bible, including Revelation.}

The 17th-century English poet John Milton had no such pessimistic thoughts. In his epic poem Paradise Lost, he wrote that God created the earth to be a paradise home for the human family. That original Paradise was lost. However, Milton believed that it would be restored—that a redeemer in the person of Jesus Christ would one day “reward his faithful, and receive them into bliss . . . in Heaven or Earth.” Milton confidently declared: “For then the Earth shall all be Paradise.”

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