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A fabulous evening

A fabulous evening! Bien started off with an intriguing and hair raising Satanic Piano Free Rhapsody. I followed with an extempore lecture on why Satan has graces, Id est, he is God’s hoe, weeding out the unfit, and because of him there was the “fortunate fall.” He actually loved God and wanted God’s love so much he became angered at being replaced by the Son. He is loyal to his followers and so much admired in Heaven that he took 1/3 of the angels with him against God Himself. I spoke of Satan’s discovery of a greater depth in his own self after he was vanquished to find on the flaming pool of fire that he still possessed a remarkable “unconquerable will” and was though that able to rise up and rally his troops. I spoke of Bien’s concept of Satan giving color to the world, inspiring artists and writers of all generations. .And more. I threw in a lot of quotes from Paradise Lost describing the war in heaven, the rout, and Satan’s meeting with his progeny at the gates of Hell. And I spoke of Milton’s defense of free speech. Afterward Bien played an even more exotic and inspiring Satanic Free Rhapsody while speaking out phrases and words like “666…we are born into the world, we live, we die… Satan, etc.”

Here’s the Video:

The audience was mesmerized! We should go on tour!