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Of Surrealmageddon, Emanations: Third Eye, and The 21st Century Encyclopedia of Surrealism

We conceive three personae, all drawing form and substance from distant wells that gush forth as fleet images and liquid myth, revealing our manifold selves: First, the calculus of mechanism in space. Second, living breath drawn from the continuum of eroding time — shifting principle of a vegetating Cosmos. Finally, the third self, the third I, the ocular stage upon which we perceive this enfolding process. Here all aspiration shall find fulfillment in sentient manifestations. Behold, a myriad of ancient shapes in mathematical eternity, mental rebirth, and furious sunbursts of curious ambition: the audacious call of our deep, assured, and long-echoing emanations.

The third anthology to be released by International Authors, Emanations: Third Eye showcases the work of over forty writers and artists from around the world.