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by Terrance Lindall

I merely describe the process of revolution, I am not for or against it. John Milton made the mistake of being for a revolution, possibly believing that humans can make a better world. Maybe it was necessary at that time to revolt against tyranny. Today I believe he would agree with me to stand apart and with the Mind and Truth alone.

I have always proposed that this “humanism” is a scorpion that would sting itself to death (another essay). My colleague Bienvenido Bones Banez, Jr. would also say without prejudice, “This is a 666 World!”

The Seed of 666 with Luciferian Desire

The Seed of 666 with Luciferian Desire!

By Bienvenido Bones Banez, Jr.

Bienvenido “Bones” Banez, Jr. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


There is no getting out of it. We can only place ourselves outside of it in our own mind, which is “it’s own place,” as Satan himself said in Milton’s Paradise Lost.

Regarding the worldwide OWS revolution against greed and corruption erupting in cities around the world:

Social Suicide by Tim Slowinski

Social Suicide by Tim Slowinski

A) There are five factors in this proto revolution called “OCCUPY WALL STREET”: 1) The Big Corporations, 2) The Financial Conglomerate (banks & brokerage houses), 3) Big National Governments (The Federal Reserve, the Treasury, The Congress), 4) The working class and unions, as far as unions remain out of control of the first three 5) The Armed Forces and the Police

B) No peaceful law abiding demonstrations will ever wrest the powers from the parasites who suck the wealth from the working class and send them to die in wars that have no purpose in “defending liberty.” The parasites will only be swayed by force, as indicated in the Arab Spring. If change is to really happen there will be blood n the streets after the working class realizes that nothing is changing after their peaceful demonstrations. This may take months or years. Perhaps the crisis of the working class must become more severe. The working class is generally peaceful and merely wants to work, eat, have a reasonably secure life and perhaps raise a family, and they will tolerate much until the pain is beyond endurance and they see that disparities between the haves and have nots is vastly unjust. But after the working class takes control, if they do, they will become as corrupt as those they replace! “Power corrupts!”

C) The police and armed forces protect the stability of the current system – they protect corporations, banks and entrenched government.



by:Bienvenido Bones Banez jr.

The pivot of change will occur only when the police and armed forces realize that THEY THEMSELVES ARE WORKING class and switch sides to topple the corrupt system after they sicken of attacking their own working class brothers and sisters.

D) The major parties will try to absorb the energies of the proto revolution. The Republicans who want no regulation on business and banking are trying to absorb the Tea Party, but are having a difficult time swallowing them. Perhaps the Tea Party will wolf down the Republicans. The Democratics will try to absorb the Occupy Wall Street crowd. We have to wait and see what will happen.