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The Infamous Watermelon Portrait of John Milton


by Bienvenido Bones Banez

Diversity in society? Indeed, a fiction!
One world in diversity,
False preaching by “Progressives,”
Preachers of love,
Practicing deception and hate!

The strongest survive!
The Great Dialectic measures strength,
And bequeaths its blessing.
That is truth.
Pretend oneness,
Become then traitor to truth!

Oneness in diversity is a contradiction.
A lie does not become the truth.
Our flesh rots with wickedness of falsehood.
It does not become right and just!

Do lies of Oneness in Diversity become goodness?
Because the majority quails,
In fear of compounded authorities?
Compounded out of lies,
Through Satans agents?
The United Nations, The Sociologists, Psychologists,
The Wise rulers of Progress,
Whom you foolishly elect?
The Tower Babel they create is an infection,
a virus from a Devil demagogue!
While you dream of peace and security,
Like a thief in the night,
You will reap sudden destruction!

! Where are our dreams? I see no more dreams,
But the nightmare of a shackled and enslaved,
In the name of ‘Diversity” !!!

I also see the 666 HELLEBORUS PLANET!
HELL is ‘’Sheol, Hades, & GRAVES,’’
Our world that we will find in Diversity:
The 666 Paradise Cemetery,
The peace of the grave!

This sought after paradise,
a fool’s grave.
“EBORUS” a hidden clue!
Derived from Babel means,
”confusion of tongues.”