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The Next Grand International Surrealist Show will be in the Philippines

With courage follow the promise of Destiny!

BRAVE DESTINY, From the Eye of the Hurricane

by Terrance Lindall

The Brave Destiny show at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center ( WAH Center ) was the world’s largest show of living surrealist artists the world has ever seen. It also boasted the first international Grand Surrealist Ball in the United States, in the tradition of Surrealist balls put on by the Baroness de Rothschild in Europe up until the death of  Dali . Many people, including European nobility, flew in from around the world for our one night event, clogging and stopping traffic crossing the bridge from Manhattan, demonstrating the scope of today’s surrealism and its attraction.


From the beginning, artists were desperate to be part of the Brave Destiny show. I was even threatened by a local Brooklyn gang whose members wanted to have work in the show. In the end the show was so successful that some left out artists threatened to burn the show down and drown the participants because it “misrepresented surrealism.” That is, I failed to include them. Their way of participating in the show and achieving some publicity was to offer this provocation. I should have thought of it myself!


This was not merely a fine art show. We had programmed theater, film, fashion, music and more. None have ever seen a show of such magnitude in this genre before. Many artists were chagrined that among the deluge of art their work would not stand out. This is true. Most of the art was so high class that nobody’s work stood out as the best. All the great artists were submerged in a vortex of other great art. This was not an art show, it was a “happening.”


Most of the feedback I received during and after the show was that the art, theater, fashion, etc. was fantastic and over the top. The fashion show was such a success that people could not get up the stairs to see it.


Clips of video from the Brave Destiny show, not of our making, were subsequently seen on NY1, Channel 56 (Arts & Culture) and MTV television. We had reviews in Block Magazine, and ANNA, a major Russian culture magazine. We were mentioned in Russian papers, Polish papers, Japanese papers and many other newspapers in many languages around the country and the world. The New York art world, being a bastion of post-modern anti-surrealism ignored us. However, last year one of the world’s premier Art & Antiques magazines featured us. Imagine that…three years later, we were still getting attention!



As you entered the building the lighted facade of Dorchester sandstone with it’s magnificent French Empire portico greeted the expectant guests. This great building is on the National Register of Historic Places and was the 7th building in New York City to be named a landmark. Within it’s mythic framework, nearly 500 artists from all across the United States and Europe, Canada, Mexico, South America, Asia, Russia, The Middle East and Africa came together at the place that Time Out Magazine called  “ the epicenter of the Williamsburg


artists Mecca!” Now understand that Williamsburg Brooklyn, at the time, was the trendiest neighborhood in the world, made so by artists. And this show was created by artists for artists. No major museum could put on such a show. Yes, they can get the same artists to send work. But it would not have “the vibe.” Brave Destiny was “it.” The cat’s pajamas!


With courage follow the promise of Destiny!


On Saturday, artists, composers, philosophers from around the world paid tribute to Terrance & Yuko at the WAH Center.

AND It was announced Saturday that Terrance Lindall, The Grand International Revolutionary Surrealist Artist/Philosopher , has granted  Bienvenido “Bones” Banez Jr., the foremost surrealist artist of the Philippines and  Professor Carlota Abellana de Pio, Visionary Scholar, permission to host the next GRAND INTERNATIONAL SURREALIST EXPOSiTION AND GRAND SURREALIST BALL, tentatively scheduled for 2014. For further information, contact Sir Bienvenido at  [email protected]

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